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Thursday, July 29, 2004

Celebrity stops shock — shock

Film star Dustin Hoffman and his wife, Lisa, came to the aid of a bee-sting victim who suffered a potentially fatal allergic reaction on Malibu Beach ... to read more, you'll have to register for the Hartford Courant and I'm afraid I can't be bothered because the registering form is a bit tedious.

Update: Thanks to Cat, who must have registered with the Hartford Courant, here is the rest of the story — and it's quite interesting:
In an interview with CBS's Early Show, 36-year-old Lydia Graham talked about being rescued by the legendary actor two weeks ago after she stepped on a bee while walking down by the water with friends.

“Within about 30 seconds, I could feel my whole body started to itch and blister. My scalp was itching, under my armpits, and I could feel my eyes starting to sting and well and my lips starting to swell up as well,” Graham told Early Show host Harry Smith.

As she was in the throes of a major allergic reaction, Graham's friends went for help and found the Hoffmans lounging in front of their beachfront home.

As it turned out, Hoffman's wife, Lisa, is also allergic to bee stings and twice has been hospitalized for a similar reaction. The couple took the woman up to their deck.

“My throat was starting to dry out and get swollen. My stomach was in severe pain, and my eyes were swelling shut,” said Graham. “So I did recognize that it was Dustin Hoffman, but I was sure that I was going — I could possibly die.”

Lisa Hoffman rushed into the house and retrieved the drug EpiPen from a first-aid kit and injected it into Graham's thigh.

Instantly, her swelling subsided. Graham said the Hoffmans saved her life.


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