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Saturday, May 15, 2004

Politician foolishly turns venomous

The Mayor of Avon, Ohio in the USA has done what may beekeepers have done — rushed a job and had a stinging rebuke. He thought he'd just put on his veil and not light his smoker to quickly remove his varroa strips — and his bees reacted. One trip to the hospital later, he had to face the local press and politicians.
Smith couldn't say just how many times he was stung, but he did say that “the bees had a smorgasbord on me”.

He began to feel lightheaded, and went to the emergency room at St. Joseph Community Center, where he was treated and released that night. Since then, he's only been suffering jabs from other people around City Hall.
Rarely for a politician, he admitted he'd been foolish.



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