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Thursday, May 20, 2004

Best honey ad in the world?

Bees and honeycomb are often exploited as incidentals and backdrops by advertisers, but tonight I saw an entire advert on British TV devoted to honey. It featured a Scottish beekeeper, Murray McGregor, and his annual trip to the heather moors with his bees. Beautifully shot, the advert promotes Waitrose supermarket's heather honey — and by implication the quality of its food. Nice one!

Non-British readers might be interested to know that Waitrose has long been regarded as one of Britain's classier supermarket chains.

Non-heather-honey eaters don't know what they are missing. It is a very different, strong-flavoured honey which is fantastic with yoghurt. And if it's ling heather honey, it has an extraordinary texture — thixotropic — a gel filled with air bubbles that will only flow when stirred, and, if pure, never crystallizes.


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