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Sunday, April 04, 2004

What land of milk and honey?

According to the Palestinian National Information Centre (PNIC), during the past 42 months of the Intifada the Israelis have targeted the Palestinian agricultural economy including beekeeping.
The area of Palestinian lands bulldozed by the IOF [Israeli Occupying Forces] was 62,044 dunums, as 991,581 trees have been uprooted, while 457 agricultural stores and 472 pens were destroyed, as 12,892 live stocks were killed as well as 840 cows and 9,738 beehives.

Also, IOF demolished 262 wells completely and destroyed 207 agricultural stores including devastation of 171,589 pens, as 22,013 dunums of lands have been bulldozed, 1,014 water wells and 288,985 meters of farms fences, and 714,719 others of water lines have been destroyed.

The Israeli aggressions on the Palestinian agricultural sector resulted in damages to 10,323 farmers, bulldozing of six greenhouses and 12 tractors, as the lands expropriated for the Apartheid Wall in West Bank amounted to 201,696 dunums.
Palestinian National Authority State Information Service
The PNIC also claims that the Palestinian death toll now exceeds 3,000 with more than 38,000 casualties.


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