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Thursday, April 08, 2004

Truck, cow and bees close Californian highway

An accident involving a truck of bees has closed a Highway 190 in California for 12 hours. The delays will continue for the next three or four days as repairs are made to a bridge. A truck loaded with 300 beehives hit a black cow and then severely damaged Pleasant Oaks Bridge. The bees took flight causing visibility problems and the road was closed. The truck driver suffered severe injuries.

Dan Andrews, who owns A to Z Bee Removal Service in Laton, decided to exterminate the bees. “There was no way I could save them,” Andrews said. “It was just impossible. There were people needing to work out there, and it's close to a golf course. ... It was quite a shame. Those were some of the best-looking hives I've ever seen in my life.”


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