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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Bitter honey harvest

Here's a raw view of the depth of feelings in Judea and Sumaria. Jews are claiming that Arabs are stealing “Jewish honey”. I use the terms Jews and Arabs to reflect the tone of the article.

Shimshon Erlinger, Deputy General Manager of Israel's Honey Council, says that 900 beehives were stolen from Israel by PA Arabs in the past two months alone, as compared with 1,500 stolen beehives in all of 2006 ...

“The state of Israel has abandoned us,” says Erlinger. “When they do catch a thief, they release him in less time than it took you to file the complaint. In the end he gets a plea bargain, pays a small fine, and goes off happily to steal again. The producer, however, has been devastated.”

“From now on we will not be tzadikim (saints),” says Erlinger. “We have decided that when we go on raids we will not only return the hives that are clearly marked as Israeli, but also the ones that have had the identifying marks removed. Let them chase us instead of us chasing them.”
And if you think that's a bit robust, you should see the comments at the end of the article.

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