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Monday, July 10, 2006

Eradication attempts not new

Following my comments on the possible varroa eradication attempt in South Island, New Zealand, Ivan of the Czech Republic tells me:

Hello Turlough,
Just my remark to Kiwis eradication plan.

This method was used in late 70's at former Czechoslovakia to stop or significantly slow down the spread of Varroa. As it is long time ago I would have to search for exact details, however the basics are clear. A 10 km (I guess) area was set around infested hives and all bee colonies were destroyed using baits to discover unregistered/feral colonies.

This worked for few (2-3) years until undisciplined beekeeper moved infested hives across country. I remember he was sentenced to jail. Than eradication was stopped and annual treatment took place.

This was not a bad strategy at that time but we are not an island and new infected swarms were coming from elsewhere all the time. NZ can destroy everything in the infected area with a good safety margin and the problem will be over -- w ell, for some time at least.

Best regards & low mites level,

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