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Sunday, February 19, 2006

Bees pick on medics

A medical conference was disrupted by a bee attack in India today. Four medics were treated in emergency and the rest were terrified:

At 11.30 am a cook ignited the tandoor on the corridor and smoke emanated from it infuriated the honey bees which were resting in their beehive near the place where the tandoor was kept.

Soon, hundreds of honey bees entered the conference room and started targeting the doctors and some medical representatives present there. In what could be best described as the scene of a comedy movie, the doctors panicked started taking refuge under the tables and chairs kept in the conference hall. However, their efforts came to naught as the honeybees continued to attack till the delegates vacated.

... Other doctors said after seeing honeybees hundreds in number, they hid beneath the tables and chairs, but that did not help.

Though seminar began after two hours, the doctors were seen concentrating on various entry points rather than paying attention to the conference.


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