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Thursday, October 20, 2005

Going solar

A Californian honey company has gone solar and claims to have slashed its electricity bill by 90%.

Miller's Honey, is located in Colton, California and was set up in the early 1900s by Nephi E Colton who the company claims was the Henry Ford of the beekeeping industry. Any colour so long as it's black and yellow? No, the company claims that its founder established travelling bees. I think there might be a few arguments about that, but here's what the company website says:

Nephi inadvertently invented a new method of beekeeping in an attempt to avoid the heavy loss of bees from the freezing winter weather. While on a trip to Southern California, initially to gather more information on processing beeswax, he noticed bees still gathering nectar even though it was December. He realized the increased production of honey that could be had if he were to transport his bees to sunny California during the Utah winters. This he did. In the winter of 1908, the first trainload of bees was sent north on a “test flight”. This is how he became known for his “traveling bees”.


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