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Monday, December 20, 2004

Miksha -- airhead guitar afficionados

Norway, famed for its nul points in the Eurovision Song Contest has a heavy metal band, Miksha, with a boundless imagination.

According to the Beekeeping pages on Compuserve, the band says that it took its name from the American beekeeper Ron Miksha who, they claim, was an expert in biological warfare in the Vietnam War. And Ron, according to the band, took on a kamikaze mission to save the American army by finding alternative means of war. His book Bad Beekeeping, according to Miksha, demonstrated that there were other ways to fight a war without traditional weapons.

Fortunately, Ron Miksha seems to have survived the kamikaze mission and apologetically explains:
Despite the band’s kind words about my service to the US Army and my expertise in pioneering biological warfare, none of this is in my book -- mostly because I was not a pioneer of biological warfare and did not design any weapons of mass destruction for the USA. Instead, Bad Beekeeping is a much tamer book (only one murder, but quite a few bee stings) that might not appeal to biological-warfare-aficionados.


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