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Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Who's a silly boy, then?

After all my support of wasps in recent posts, I'm in the doghouse in my household tonight because of them.

I did a silly thing. I brought the honey from my out apiaries and stacked the supers (the hive boxes) near the back door. Today I noticed that wasps appeared to have found cracks in the supers and were robbing the honey. So after dark tonight, I decided to move the supers into a shed. Innocent enough idea? Oh no!

I left the kitchen light on and the door open as I started moving the supers. As I removed the roof, a hoard of wasps that hadn't been able to find their way out during daylight hours flew up. And where did they fly? Straight to the kitchen light of course. And what is the kitchen now full of? Wasps of course. And now it has started raining so there is absolutely no reason for them to leave. Do the other occupants of the house appreciate what I've done? In a word — no, I think is their answer. Even the elderly cat has left in disgust to spend a wet night under a tree outside.


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