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Saturday, July 17, 2004

Celebrity beekeeper 2 — Martha Stewart

Well, I suppose we'd better own up —
Martha Stewart - The harbinger of American Style has been a model, a stockbroker, and a beekeeper for over twenty-five years! The avid gardener realized a long time ago that keeping bees is a good thing.
Readers outside the USA probably don't realize her influence and the love and hate she induces. If you want to know more about her brand, read this.

Four years ago there was even a little spat about her beekeeping credentials on a beekeepers' Internet discussion group.

Anyway, she might have more time for her beekeeping now that she was sentenced on Friday to five months in jail, five months of home confinement and two years of supervised release following her March conviction for lying to US federal investigators about an insider trading stock market deal.

You can even vote her the most annoying beekeeper of all time.


Blogger Cat said...

Martha is not a friend of mine, however I think men everywhere are jealous of her business success, hence the which hunt. Not excusing her dishonesty, (we (in the US) excuse men for this misdemeanor all the time), ......Enron comes to about Jeb Bush and the savings and loan scandel, mmmmm.......think I could name thousands if I had time.

1:30 am  

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