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Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Maybe mites on South Island again

Another varroa mite has been found on New Zealand's South Island, the first, a deformed specimen, was found earlier this month) but it may be just cross-contamination from a North Island sample. The mite was found on the outside of a plastic ziplock bag used to contain sticky test strips from hives, but it is possible that the mite was transferred from a the outside of a North Island sample bag at the testing laboratory in Christchurch.

The authorities have yet to decide on a course of action. Ricky Leahy, the beekeeper concerned, is relatively sanguine:
"It's a bit of a worry because it sounds like they may have to kill off all the hives on this site, even though they re-tested negative.

"It's pretty annoying for us actually," Mr Leahy said.



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