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Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Bees & bites

Dusty Ricketts, reporter on the Hesperia Star in California, is obviously learning about bees. In Dusty's article about a swarm in a shopping centre there is some good information, but some not so good:
To avoid being bitten stay away from hives, ... and be prepared to run as far as a quarter mile if they start to sting.
Dusty also quotes a member of the public:
“I ran,” said [Naomi] Fransson, who is allergic to bee stings. “I don't want to get bit and go in the hospital. I got bit by a wasp once and my whole foot expanded and I couldn't even put my shoe on.”
For any readers new to bees, rest assured bees don't bite, but they do sting. And when they sting, they die — so they won't sting you without thinking they have good reason to do so.

A swollen foot is not necessarily a sign of having a serious allergy to bee stings — it could well be quite a normal reaction. Ankles are favourite places for bees to sting beekeepers — favourites with the bees that is. Beekeepers don't appreciate it. If you want to learn more about reactions to insect stings and bites, try this personal view from a non-medic, David Glaser.


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